In this groundbreaking book, author Dr. Brandan Lee makes a compelling and science based case that Vitamin D may have been able to prevent the COVID Pandemic and could have saved 100's of thousands of lives.  


After consulting with several lawyers specializing in FDA compliance, Dr. Lee determined he couldn't publish the book in it's entirety without risking the well-being of his company.  


With some careful editing, we are making most of the content available for the first time since it was written. 


This content is only available to health-care providers.   The chapters contained in this e-Book are:

Chapter 1.  Vitamin D crushes Respiratory Tract Infections- The evidence and research

Chapter 2.  Mechanisms of how Vitamin D supports the human immune system.

Chapter 3.  Pandemics 101 - Time to go on the offensive

Chapter 4. COVID-19 and Comorbidities

Chapter 5.  Optimizing your Vitamin D level

Chapter 6.  The Racial Disparity of COVID-19 and Vitamin D deficiency

Chapter 7.  Good news from the front lines of the pandemic -Vitamin D is a make or break                               for outcomes.

Chapter 8.  Preparing for the next pandemic

Chapter 9.   Vitamin D is the king of Vitamins

Chapter 10.  Vitamin K2

Chapter 11.  The story of Vitamin D to the Rescue.

e-Book- Vitamin D to the Rescue- Everything we can publish!