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Is your teenager's life being ruined by anxiety and/or depression?

Are you suffering from anxiety and depression?

Anxiety and Depression rates are skyrocketing.  It seems like every young person you know deals with anxiety.  For many young people (and maybe for yourself) the anxiety, depression, and the inability to handle stress can be debilitating.

Identifying the causes of this dramatic increase in anxiety and depression in our young people is not easy.  It's a multifaceted problem with many pieces to the puzzle.  

A Mini-Course for concerned parents.

Your child deserves peace in their mind.
In this Mini-Course you'll receive:

The Original Chill Pill:
The science and research behind Magnesium

If there's one mineral associated with de-stressing, relaxing, sleeping better, relieving pain, and decreasing depression it's magnesium.  Explore the science and biological mechanisms of this crucial nutrient and how it could help you or your loved one.


Sleep and Mental Health

Could poor quality sleep be contributing to your depression and anxiety?

In this video, we will outline 7 steps to getting restful and healing sleep.

Also included in this Mini-Course:

Image by Christopher Ott

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