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Can Vitamin D Help You Get Better Results With Your Chiropractic Care?      YES!

"I feel so strongly that Vitamin D can help you get better results that I'm willing to give you your first bottle for free."

                                                -Dr. Brandan Lee


We have prepared a special "edu-tainment" module discussing how optimizing your

Vitamin D levels can help you heal faster and function better .

In this five minute video, you'll learn how to reduce inflammation, reduce pain, heal faster and improve joint health and joint mobility.

We believe informed patients always get the best results.

We only have one ask: Please watch this quick informative video that provides clarity on:

1.  How to take your Vitamin D

2.  How it works to help the body heal

3.  Address myths and safety concerns

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2. Your free bottle of Vitamin D to the Rescue

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Health to the Rescue provides a clear best choice for your supplement needs, and uses the proceeds to fight human trafficking.

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