Are you a health-care provider?

Does human trafficking break your heart?

We can help.

Your patients understand the importance of Vitamin D3 more than ever before, but they need a source they can trust. 

Vitamin D to the Rescue is the clear choice:

It's a


  1. Patients Win

nutraceutical quality, clinically effective formula

2. Clinic Wins

Increases revenue for clinic, improving bottom line.

3. Win for Victims of Human trafficking! 

Donation of $5 per bottle is worked into business model. No additional cost to the doctor. 

We are making it easier to do good, so you can focus on patient care.


Giving you a stress-free and hassle-free way to serve your patients and fight human trafficking at the same time.


Here are some of the many clinics that are pleased to provide their patients with Vitamin D to the Rescue:

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