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Vitamin D Home Test

Convenient, accurate, and easy to use.  No appointment necessary!


Are you 100% confident that your Vitamin D level is healthy?

Your Vitamin D level is too important to leave to chance.  You can't afford just to hope that you're getting enough Vitamin D from sunshine, diet, and supplements.  You need clarity, certainty, and confidence in your Vitamin D level.

An estimated 9 out of 10 American adults have below-optimal Vitamin D levels.   Vitamin D is crucial for healthy immune system function, brain health, and strong bones.  Are you protected?

Be Empowered with our Vitamin D Home Test

There is peace of mind that comes with knowing
you're doing Vitamin D right.

Dr. Brandan Lee

America's Vitamin D Coach and 

Founder of Health to the Rescue

“I used to just blindly take Vitamin D occasionally because I knew it was good for me.

I was shocked when I finally had my Vitamin D level tested, and it turned out I wasn’t taking the right kind or the right amount. I had been putting my health at risk for years!”


Be Empowered

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