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Most Americans have a dangerous lack of awareness about Vitamin D, putting themselves and their families at an increased risk of sickness and disease.  


Knowledge is power, and this easy-to-use online course will give you the knowledge to help your family thrive in a world where everyone seems sick.


We want to help you win at health!  Customers who have used this online course have a reduced risk of sickness and disease, more faith in their health, and peace of mind regarding the immune strength of their family.



Vitamin D 101 - Facts and FAQ's

  • Get exclusive early access to the manuscript of Dr. Brandan Lee's first book titled Vitamin D to the Rescue! 

    The chapters included in this online course are focused on how Vitamin D defends the body against bacteria, viruses, and other germs. Prepare to learn about macrophages, white blood cells (WBC), cathelicidins and the track record of Vitamin D in helping defend the body from Respiratory Tract Infections (RTI).

  • 1st Video: (7 minutes) Why Vitamin D is both the most important and the most misunderstood vitamin.   Breaking down common myths, misunderstandings and addressing out-of-date science.

    2nd Video: (5 minutes) An in-depth explanation of what Vitamin D levels mean and how to interpret a Vitamin D level result.

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