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Vitamin D Online Course

The knowledge you need to help your family thrive in a world where everyone seems to be sick.

Is there anything more valuable than knowing your family is protected (2).png
Is there anything more valuable than knowing your family is protected (4).png

Are you 100% sure that your Vitamin D level is good? Could your Vitamin D level be the missing piece of the puzzle for better health?

Vitamin D is the most important supplement you can take, but it is also the most misunderstood.

Too many people randomly take a Vitamin D supplement, and hope it's helping.  The pandemic taught us that with Vitamin D, you can't afford to be ignorant about Vitamin D, and if your Vitamin D level is not optimal, you are putting yourself at unnecessary risk.

Knowledge is Power!  Be the smartest person in the room

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What's included in this Online Course?

Video Module 1

7 minutes long

This video discusses:

-How current statistics about Vitamin D levels paint a bleak story.

-What is Vitamin D known for? What are its most important functions in the body?

-How to take Vitamin D for maximum absorption and benefit.

-Best sources of Vitamin D.

-Explore the relationship between inflammation and Vitamin D deficiency.

Video Module 2

5 minutes long

This video discusses:

-How to interpret and understand what a Vitamin D level test result means.

-Difference between an average Vitamin D level vs an ideal Vitamin D level.

-Most doctors haven't seen current research about Vitamin D.

-What does a panel of Vitamin D experts recommend for ideal blood levels


Vitamin D to the Rescue

Dr. Brandan Lee

Written during the pandemic, this booklet is a couple of select chapters from a book that explored the hypothesis that Vitamin D could have prevented the pandemic.  This e-book is easy to understand and describes the mechanisms of how Vitamin D helps defend the body against colds, upper respiratory viral infections, flu, and "flu-like" illnesses.

Your Vitamin D Coach

Dr. Brandan Lee

I've been telling my patients for years: "If you're only going to take 1 supplement, it should be Vitamin D".  A deficiency of Vitamin D has the most potential to cause problems, and therefore taking a good supplement has the most potential for improving health.  

The problem is that most people know Vitamin D is important, but they don't know how to get the maximum benefit and maximum protection.  That was my experience, I used to just take a random Vitamin D supplement and hope for the best.  It wasn't until I got my level checked and became informed about the ideal range that I really started experiencing all the benefits of an optimal Vitamin D level.

I used to just blindly take Vitamin D because I knew it was good for me. (5).png


Online Course Preview

"I really believe that if we could get everyone to achieve an optimal Vitamin D level, it would transform the state of healthcare".

-Dr. Brandan Lee

(Chief Vitamin D Nerd at Health to the Rescue)                                        

Is there anything more valuable than knowing your family is protected.png

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Is there anything more valuable than knowing your family is protected (3).png
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