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The Best Vitamin D for Your Family's Health

Vitamin D to the Rescue available in capsules or liquid

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The Risks of Low 
Vitamin D are too great.

Are you one of the millions of people who have been told they have low Vitamin D? The importance of an optimal Vitamin D level has never been clearer, yet many people are unsure of how to fix their Vitamin d level or why they should.

30 years of research and a never-ending pandemic have proven that Vitamin D levels matter.  Reaching and maintaining an optimal Vitamin D level is easy with Health to the Rescue. Don't let your health suffer any longer.

The benefits of Optimal Vitamin D levels are endless.

  • Immune System Strength

  • Decreased Risk of Many Cancers

  • Low Vitamin D is an unnecessary Risk

  • Vitamin D is Important for Mental Health

  • Every Cell in the Body Has Vitamin D Receptors

  • Of all actions that you can take for your health, optimizing Vitamin D levels is affordable, safe, and gives you the best return on investment.


We know that the supplement industry can be confusing.

At Health to the Rescue, we know that there are a million supplements on the market, and we know that it can be frustrating and overwhelming.

Our founder, Dr. Brandan Lee, has spent his career trying to determine which supplements are the most important and which manufacturers can be trusted. 

Health to the Rescue only sells supplements that he trusts enough for his own family and his patients.

Does your health make you feel like a hero?

At Health to the Rescue, we know

that everyone wants to be healthy, have a strong body, and feel confident that their immune system can handle the next virus or variant.   We know that an optimal Vitamin D level is crucial to achieving this.  The problem is that many people don't know where to begin in optimizing their Vitamin D levels.  

We lose sleep at night thinking about people suffering because they don't have an adequate Vitamin D level.  

At Health to the Rescue we can help you find out your Vitamin D level and provide you with the resources to optimize your Vitamin D level.

Order your Vitamin D today if your ready, or learn more about Vitamin D and what an optimal Vitamin D level is with our free resources.

You can enjoy the peace of mind and improved health that comes from knowing that you have a healthy Vitamin D level.

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