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Delta, Lambda, Gamma Oh My!

What should you do about viral variations?

Every virus has mutations and variations. COVID is no different. Any microbiologist could have told you that variations of COVID were going to happen.

From the beginning of the pandemic, your wisest, most effective, and most responsible strategy for keeping you and your family safe has been to focus on building a healthy body with a strong immune system. The same is still true. The emergence of variants doesn't change the importance and power of the very immune system you were born with.

Naturally derived immunity is superior to artificially induced immunity. Your immune system is incredibly complex and is capable of being remarkably efficient and effective when it's supported properly. Vitamin D is one of the most important and simple ways to support healthy immune system function.

A healthy immune system knows how to handle "new" invaders. There is a division of the immune system called the Adaptive Immune System that is responsible for identifying new pathogens like viruses or bacteria and mounting a defense against them. Your immune system has been doing this your entire life, and if supported properly, there is no reason to think that your body won't be able to mount an effective defense against any viral variant that comes along.

A healthy immune system needs Vitamin D. There are hundreds of research studies and reviews, like this study published a decade ago, that show that Vitamin D plays a role in just about every facet of immune system function. The types of White Blood Cells called T-Cells and B-Cells that carry out Adaptive Immunity require Vitamin D for both their production and function.

This past year has shown us that those who have below optimal levels of Vitamin D are at a disadvantage in their ability to handle viral respiratory infections. As new variations appear and eventually new viruses altogether emerge, we have no reason to doubt that Vitamin D will be crucial in defending against those too.

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