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Fertility and Vitamin D Status - Part 1

Trouble conceiving? What if the man is low in Vitamin D?

Are you struggling to get pregnant and/or keep a baby? This can be a challenging and heart-breaking experience.

Couples struggling with fertility issues need to remember that they're not alone. Statistics show us that infertility rates are on the rise. In fact, the CDC tells us that 26% of women of typical childbearing age have difficulty in getting pregnant and/or carrying a pregnancy to term.

Have you considered the health of the man?

Often when a couple is struggling to get pregnant, the woman can be left with feelings of guilt because it's often assumed that a problem lies with the woman. But, what if it's actually the health of the man that's the biggest impediment?

There have been many studies that show that women with low or inadequate levels of Vitamin D will have higher rates of infertility. Women with low Vitamin D and infertility will be the topic of another article. In this article, we want to draw attention to the other half of the couple equation.

Upon closer review, when couples are having difficulty getting pregnant, we find that:

  • Roughly 40% of the time it's the female's physiology that needs help

  • Roughly 40% of the time it's the male's physiology that needs help

  • About 10% of the time it's both

  • And about 10% of the time it's just a heartbreaking mystery.

Now, let's focus on that 40% that belongs to the men.

Vitamin D deficiency/inadequacy is a real epidemic in modern life. We know we spend too much time indoors, even in summer. Surveys show that 90% of American adults have below optimal Vitamin D levels.

Could this low Vitamin D make it hard to get pregnant?

Among many factors influencing the male partner's health, virility and potence, evidence is mounting that Vitamin D status is crucial. A study by Tartagni et all in the Journal of Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology showed a powerful correlation between low Vitamin D levels in the male partner and an inability of the couple to get pregnant and carry a baby to term. In fact, men whose Vitamin D level was above 30 ng/ml had a 3X better chance of pregnancy with their partner than men who had Vitamin D levels below 30 ng/ml.

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