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Healthcare Providers - this post is for you!

If you see patients all day, this quick read could save someone's life this flu season. The FDA has clearly not evaluated the content of this blog.

It happens every fall: back to school, and the change in temperatures ushers in the sickest season of the year. Parents get stressed out with new school schedules and fall sports and then immune systems get destroyed with Halloween candy. Many people never really recover from the sugary attack on their immunity before they travel and get stressed out with Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It's been labeled "Cold and Flu Season" but it's really the confluence and epitome of an unhealthy lifestyle pushed up against changing seasons and more CO2 in the air as leaves fall from trees. The fall season and holidays tend to include increased stress, increased financial strain, increased alcohol intake, increased sugar consumption, and a lot of time traveling.

This particular cold and flu season of fall 2022 is particularly concerning for several reasons:

  1. Economic and political stress is likely to be at an all-time high. Inflation is going to make holiday shopping stressful and the political craziness is just going to ramp up over the next two years.

  2. Many people have not used the pandemic as an opportunity to get healthier, instead many people have gained weight, started on anxiety meds, and gotten extra vaccinations.

  3. Your patients that have gotten the Covid mRNA treatment will likely have a compromised immune response to new viruses that come along.

  4. Supply chain disruptions continue and the holiday season will likely stress them further.

Your patients and their friends and family have never needed Vitamin D more.

Taking Vitamin D could literally be the difference between life and death for someone who finds themselves sick with flu, Covid, or any other respiratory virus. Vitamin D will be really important for at least three reasons:

  1. Vitamin D reduces inflammation. Many people who really struggled with Covid and tragically perished during the pandemic experienced out-of-control inflammation. You may have read about the "cytokine storm", in which inflammatory proteins were dangerously elevated. Tragically, if the patient couldn't get the inflammation under control, it cost them their life.

  2. Vitamin D could help them prevent the Respiratory Tract Infection, to begin with. If you would like to read some of the plethoras of data that show that Vitamin D helps prevent Respiratory Tract Infections like cold and flu, just contact me and I'll direct you to some links. For now, check out what has to say.

  3. If your patient does get sick this flu season, Vitamin D could help mitigate the experience, leading to fewer complications, less severe infection, and faster recovery times.

As a healthcare provider, I'm hopefully only reminding you of how powerful Vitamin D is. We know Vitamin D is "the immune system vitamin". When you consider that 90% of American adults have below optimal levels of this crucial nutrient, that means virtually all of your patients are at an unnecessarily increased risk of suffering from Respiratory Tract Infections.

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