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Is your immune system ready for traveling? Here are 5 rock-solid tips to be ready go anywhere!

The world is starting to open back up and the spring and summer season of travel is upon us. Spring and summer of 2021 is full of promise for the kind of gatherings and travel we've missed the past year.

Whether it's family reunions, weddings or graduation ceremonies, there are many reasons to get out of your house and see the world!

We know your soul is ready to travel and wander, but is your immune system ready? As you get ready to leave home, consider these ways that travel taxes your body:

  1. Travel almost always involves sitting for long periods of time. Whether on a plane, bus or road-trip, sitting for long periods is hard on the body. Read about how "Sitting is the New Smoking".

  2. Changing time zones messes with your body's internal clock. They say that for every time zone you cross, it will require a day to adapt.

  3. Flying in an airplane is particularly hard because of the stale, recycled air. And these days, there are likely to be even more dangerous cleaning chemicals and residues in the air and on the surfaces you contact.

  4. A whole new set of microorganisms to meet. When you leave home and visit new environments, your body will experience a whole new mess of bacteria, viruses and other germs. At the end of the day, you'll actually be better off having come into contact with all these new microorganisms, but only if your body is healthy and your immune system is ready to adapt and respond in a healthy way.

  5. Travel often includes splurging on food and drink that you wouldn't normally consume. Many people drink more alcohol and eat out at restaurants more than usual when traveling and/or vacationing. The increased alcohol, sugar and refined carbohydrates strain the body and reduce white blood cell function.

  6. Disrupted sleep. Even if your staying in your native time zone, travel often messes with your sleep schedule and the amount of sleep you get. Sleep is when your body heals from all the stuff you do to it during the day, so disrupting your sleep leaves you vulnerable to getting worn down and having reduced immune capacity.

Here are 4 rock-solid tips for being ready to travel anywhere! Whether you are headed across town, or around the world, there are simple things that you can do ahead of time and during to be ready to stay healthy before, during and after.

  1. Stay hydrated. Keep those fluids up. Even if it means more bathroom pit-stops along your route, staying hydrated will help your body do all of it's functions that are necessary for staying healthy. Especially when breathing the dry, recycled air on planes, it is important to stay hydrated. Try adding electrolytes like Ultima to your water to make it yummier and easier for the water to stick.

  2. Vitamin D3 now. Vitamin D is the immune system vitamin. There over 20,000 scientific articles published about the importance of Vitamin D in healthy body functions. Vitamin D plays critical roles in detecting and fighting off pathogenic microorganisms, by supporting white blood cell (WBC) function. Vitamin D also works to regulate the inflammation process in the body. Vitamin D to the Rescue offers a clinically significant dosage of 5000 IU paired with Vitamin K2 to increase absorption and effectiveness.

  3. Prioritize sleep. Travel can be exhausting, you need to give your body a chance to rest, recover, recharge and catch up. Pro tip: Bring earplugs and consider bringing an eye-mask to create a dark sleep environment.

  4. Movement is paramount. Take time to stretch, move and get your blood flowing. On a road-trip, allow time to stop and stretch. On an airplane: get up and stretch about once per hour.

  5. Healthy Food. Part of a good vacation is splurging on yummy food and drink. Give yourself permission to enjoy delicious meals and deserts, but prioritize some healthy food along the way to balance out sugary deserts and carb-laden meals.

Vitamin D intake is one of the most important action steps to take immediately, as you'll want to be taking it before you go on your trip. Most of the above recommendations are actions you can take while traveling, order your Vitamin D to the Rescue today so that you'll have it long before your travels.

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