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Natural Immunity

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Supporting natural immunity is time-tested, proven, common sense and your best bet moving forward!

The body has an amazing ability to heal, adapt, overcome and recover if it's just given the right circumstances and support. One of the most incredible and fascinating systems in the body is the immune system.

Your immune system protects you from pathogens, helps you live in harmony with viruses and bacteria, and helps your body differentiate between what it harmful and what is safe. Your body comes into contact every single day with an incredible amount of molecules and substances. For example: Your body is constantly exposed to dust, pollen, chemicals, foods, bacteria, virus, parasites, insects, pollution, mold, and various other microbes just to name a few.

Your immune system is what's constantly determining whether various things it is exposed to are dangerous or not. Your immune system will identify that the flu virus is potentially harmful and that the pollen from those flowers is not threatening.

And when that immune system is balanced and working properly by utilizing a lifetime of experience being exposed to billions of molecules, it gives you an advantage in living a healthy life with a great quality of life.

Medical science makes advances everyday and we can be thankful that we don't still live in the age of bleeding people with leaches. But no matter how much medical science advances, there will never be a substitute or better replacement for the power you already have inside you. In particular, your immune system has been performing medical miracles since you were born, and we would be foolish to think that medical science is smarter than our own inborn immune system.

The question becomes: Have you been living a lifestyle that supports a strong, healthy immune system or not? Have you been good to your body? Have you taken your body for granted? Have you nourished your body with quality foods? Or have you poisoned your immune system with trash foods?

Important concept: Many people have let modern nutrition, stress, modern chemistry, and other poor lifestyle choices destroy their immune system to the point that they can't overcome a simple flu virus, but that doesn't mean they weren't born with the potential for a strong immune system and it doesn't mean they shouldn't work on rebuilding that immune system.

A motivated person can easily do the reading to figure out reasonable action steps toward strengthening or rebuilding a healthy immune system. I'll list a couple reliable first steps: break sugar addiction and reduce sugar consumption, optimize Vitamin D levels, prioritize sleep, develop a lifestyle of relieving and reducing stress, prioritize nutritious foods and get outside with regular physical activity.

The knowledge is available to anyone of how to get healthy, it really comes down to whether you're motivated to take the action, buy the supplements and take them, and do the work.

Let's make one of the most important action steps a little easier. Start working on optimizing your Vitamin D level and prioritizing quality sleep by using promo code "winter" to save on any purchase at

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