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Scary headlines? Do this.

We're seeing a new wave of headlines telling us that the Omicron variant of Covid will surely be the end of us.

Is this more fear-mongering? Or is the concern justified?

Whether these headlines are blowing things out of proportion or the new variant actually poses a credible threat, there are several simple and effective strategies that you can implement immediately.

Let's add some perspective with some important points.

  1. Variants happen. Any microbiologist could have predicted that there would be variants emerging. It's how viruses work.

  2. There is evidence that vaccination leads to more variants.

  3. The body has an immune system that can detect new pathogens and mount an effective response. This is called healthy immune system function.

  4. Though science is cool and making progress, there is nothing that beats natural immunity and there never will be. The human body is amazing and is capable of amazing things when it's just given the right support.

  5. Media outlets love to sensationalize. The more drama and fear, the higher the ratings and the more money they make.

Here's how you take action:

1. Don't wait for the government to make a magical vaccine that will save humanity.

2. Take Vitamin D to the Rescue now. A well-supported immune system is the only strategy that has stood the test of time. No matter what new pathogen comes along, whether it be virus or bacteria, Vitamin D supports the body's inborn mechanisms that allow it to defeat the germ.

3. Take everything the media tells you with a grain of salt and use common sense.

4. Remember that sugar depletes immune function and that nutritious whole foods support the immune system.

5. It's winter now, look for opportunities to get outside in the fresh air with sunshine on your skin.

6. Prioritize sleep quality. (Shameless plug: Magnesium to the Rescue helps you get better sleep.)

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