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Should you be scared?

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Rational and Proactive vs. Fearful and Panicked

Throughout November of 2020, we've seen a lot of headlines forecasting doom and gloom for cases of Covid-19.

More importantly: for many people, this year has been an onslaught of insults to their health and well-being, such as mask mandates, media coverage of cases, over exposure to cleaning chemicals, reduced exposure to other peoples' microbiome and election year chaos. This has left a lot of people compromised in their immune strength.

And now this anxious and weary society is facing the quadruple threat of "flu season" + Covid-19 + colder, shorter days + "sugary and stressful Holiday season". It is possible that the unique convergence of these "unprecedented" and unique circumstances could lead to a lot more illnesses.

Nevertheless, at Health to the Rescue we do not endorse living in fear and panic.

Now is the time to see past sensational headlines and take a rational and proactive approach to being as strong and healthy as possible. The human body is an amazing and resilient creation, and if you take care of yours properly, you'll be amazed at how you can thrive through these crazy times.

Don't buy into the doom and gloom of the headlines. There is an important difference between living in fear vs being attentive and proactive. Take this opportunity to dive into creating the healthiest body you've ever had. There is no reason that the next five years of your life can't be better and healthier than the last five years of your life.

Start with these 5 simple strategies:

  1. Prioritize quality sleep.

  2. Take Magnesium to the Rescue for better sleep and less anxiety and depression.

  3. Stop watching the news.

  4. Vitamin D to the Rescue for stronger immune system and defending yourself against infections from both viruses and bacteria.

  5. Reduce sugary food intake even though the holidays are full of tempting offers.


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