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Upgraded supply per bottle makes Vitamin D to the Rescue the best value on the market.

A bottle of Vitamin D to the Rescue capsules is now even better!

Each bottle contains twice as many capsules!

At Health to the Rescue we believe that we have to offer the best nutritional supplements at a competitive price. We believe that if we offer the best product available, our customers will be happy and buy from us again. This will help us fund the fight against human trafficking.

A bottle of Vitamin D to the Rescue capsules now contains twice as many capsules! There is a 2 month supply of Vitamin D3/K2 in each bottle. We've only raised the price a few dollars, twice the value for a couple dollars more!

We've scoured the market. For the quality and the amount of D3 and K2, there isn't a better option than Vitamin D to the Rescue!

-Clinically significant dosage of 5000 IU D3! Many other Vitamin D products out there only contain 600 or 1000 IU. Not enough!

-Nutraceutical quality means that healthcare providers can depend on it to actually raise blood Vitamin D levels!

-Clinically significant dosage of Vitamin K2! 120 mcg.

-Priced below MSRP. Instead of raising the price to create a donation to fight human trafficking, we actually have lowered the price and take the donation out of the profit margin!

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