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Variant shmariant....

Every virus has variants and mutations. A healthy immune system will know what to do. Vitamin D is essential to a healthy immune system.

The headlines are trying to keep you in a state of perpetual fear. Now that Covid is over, we're seeing fear-mongering about the variants.

Now is the time to be empowered and to make informed decisions to build your immunity from the inside out naturally.

The best answer for any virus, bacteria, pandemic, or variant is to have a strong healthy immune system. These microorganisms have been around since the beginning of time and the immune system has been developing defenses against them all that time.

Vitamin D is the immune system vitamin. A study published in June 2021 looked at data from over 80,000 people and found that "Vitamin D deficiency is associated with a higher risk of Covid-19 hospitalization".

If Vitamin D has been a "make or break" for surviving Covid-19 (and every other virus causing Upper Respiratory Tract Infections), why would it be any different for the variants that are bound to come along?

Vitamin D empowers both the creation and function of White Blood Cells, Cathelicidins, and Toll-Like Receptors. These crucial components of your immune system allow the body to identify intruders like new viruses and mount a defense against them.

Man-made defenses against microorganisms will never catch up to the amazing ability of your body's inborn immune system. Instead of a spirit of fear, be empowered to live your life on your own terms with a healthy body and a healthy immune system.

Simply taking a quality Vitamin D supplement like Vitamin D to the Rescue is a powerful first step in building a strong immune system from the inside out.

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