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Vitamin D eats Covid for breakfast.

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Can 40+ studies be wrong? The evidence is compelling!

For this blog post, we'll just simply look at some direct quotes from Researcher Robert A Brown that were published in the British Medical Journal in October of 2020.

"Vitamin D reduces COVID-19; infection; severity; ICU admission and mortality".

"For most, the major ‘D’ source is skin exposure to UVB in sunlight, which waxes and wanes seasonally. Supplementation is the only other option".

"Sensible ‘D’ supplementation has a 100-year track-record.[2] Side-effects are minimal".

"Appropriate vitamin D supplementation risks are small: rewards huge".

We encourage you to read the linked BMJ article for more info and more context. The evidence about the importance of Vitamin D for preventing and fighting viral respiratory tract infections is incredible.

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