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Health to the Rescue offers the best choice for your family's supplement needs while giving proceeds to fight human trafficking.

The proper nutritional supplements can be a

game changer for you and your family.


But knowing which to choose can be hard. 


There are a lot of choices. 

It can become overwhelming.

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You might wonder:


  • Will I feel a difference?

  • Is this going to work?

  • Is it great quality?

  • Am a making the right choice?

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Imagine feeling confident that you've

chosen the highest quality nutraceutical

supplements on the market. 


Your "health confidence" goes up, because the results can be felt and tested for.

At Health to the Rescue, we've even gone one step better by donating proceeds from each bottle you buy to fight human trafficking.



Vitamin D
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It's easy to be a hero!

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Choose your


or bundle.

Use our

secure checkout

Open your delivery

and follow the

directions on the bottle.

You can rest assured that you've chosen a great product and we're donating to credible organizations that are making a difference fighting modern day slavery.

Watch Dr. Brandan Lee explain how we use Vitamin D supplements to help fight human trafficking.


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