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Adapt or not?

Are you adapting, growing stronger, and evolving for survival? Or do you need your surroundings to change to be suitable for your body?

Can we agree that the body is pretty amazing? Have you considered that the human body is capable of incredible things?

Your body is in a constant state of adapting to its environment. Your body has to adapt to little stresses every day like changes in temperature, breathing in air pollution, and walking up a flight of stairs. It also has to adapt to bigger stresses like new viruses that come along, a big deadline at work, healing from an injury, or responding to an emergency situation.

Though there are many definitions of health circulating out there, many health experts believe that one way to judge the health of an organism is to evaluate its ability to adapt to its environment.

The choices we make and the lifestyle we lead either support or hinder our ability to adapt, evolve and thrive. Exercising regularly is like helping your body practice adapting to changing needs and circumstances. Sugar reduces white blood cell function and therefore hinders your ability to interact with microorganisms in a healthy way.

The question now becomes: Are you living a lifestyle that supports your body adapting well and growing stronger with every challenge and stress that comes along? Or is your lifestyle causing you to become weaker and weaker over time?

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