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Are you taking enough Vitamin D?

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

You may be supplementing, but are you supplementing enough?

"I think there's Vitamin D in my multi".

This is a common response when people are asked whether they take a Vitamin D supplement.

While any amount of supplement is better than nothing, the truth is that many people are taking such a small amount that it's not making a difference.


A recent study published in June 2021 provides evidence that dosage matters and that dosage can make a real difference in health outcomes.

The study published in the journal Nutrient looked at a group of 69 people who had COVID-19 and tracked them through their entire recovery. They looked at blood Vitamin D levels at the beginning and then after their recovery. They also paid attention to the speed of recovery and symptoms.

To study the effect of dosage, they gave half of the patients 1000IU/day of Vitamin D and gave the other half 5000IU/day of Vitamin D.


  • The group that was given 1000IU/day did not see an increase in their blood Vitamin D level, in fact, their blood level decreased by 1 ng/ml!

  • The group that was given 5000IU/day did see an increase in their average Vitamin D level from 21 ng/ml to 25 ng/ml. This increase in the blood level of 4 ng/ml is significant considering they were only supplementing for a matter of weeks between testings.

  • In addition, they found that the group taking the higher dosage of 5000IU/day Vitamin D recovered an average of 3 days faster!

So what does this mean? Dosage matters! The average multi-vitamin has less than 500IU of Vitamin D. You need to choose a Vitamin D supplement that has a clinically significant dosage.

Health to the Rescue is proud to offer a high-quality Vitamin D supplement. Our Vitamin D to the Rescue capsules contain 5000IU per capsule and our liquid Vitamin D to the Rescue has 2000IU per stopper full.

Discuss with your trusted health care practitioner how much you should be taking and don't forget you can always take more than one capsule or more than one stopper full of liquid! Order your Vitamin D to the Rescue today!

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