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Do you know your Vitamin D level?

It could be the most important number you ever check.

The consensus among informed scientists and experts is that the optimal range of Vitamin D in the blood is 40 - 60 ng/ml.

Several large surveys have revealed that 90% of American Adults are below this optimal range.

This means that 90% of American Adults are at increased risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer, and weakened immune system function.

Have you ever had your level checked?

This data highlights two really important points:

  1. Your daily sun exposure is not cutting it. Though healthy sun exposure is the ideal way to get Vitamin D, obviously very few people are actually successful in getting enough healthy sun exposure. Likely, the 10% of the population who are in the optimal range are using a quality supplement like Vitamin D to the Rescue.

  2. You can't afford to just hope that your blood level is enough. Again, the 10% of the population that do have optimal levels are likely intentional about supplement with a good quality Vitamin D. If you're not intentional about healthy sun exposure and adequate supplementation, you are likely one of the 9/10 who are at increased risk of disease due to inadequate Vitamin D blood levels.

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