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How much $ has your immune system saved you?

Have you considered how much money you've saved yourself by not getting sick?

Being sick is expensive. While it's a number that is hard to calculate, there is a very real cost to getting sick. The financial impact only makes the physical toll worse!

Therefore, there is a very real advantage to staying healthy and keeping a strong immune system.

In an article on titled The economic costs of the flu in the United States, the author determined that a case of the flu for the average American would cost them about $250.00. Diving deeper into those costs, the author points out a case of the flu would cost the average American $222 to $1468 in lost income. If that case of the flu required an Emergency Room visit, the average American would need to spend $730 out of pocket.

Even more alarming was a Huffington Post article reporting that the average influenza hospitalization cost the healthcare system about $18,000.

It's clear that getting a cold or getting the flu is both a miserable and expensive experience, so building a strong immune system that protects you from both viral and bacterial infections seems like a brilliant investment.

Your body has a brilliant immune system that is equipped to prevent infections and defeat many pathogens, but it needs proper support. Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients for that support, because it facilitates a myriad of mechanisms of proper immune functions. Those with high Vitamin D levels not only have less risk of developing infections, if they do develop an infection, they will likely recover faster.

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