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Imagine No Covid Deaths!

A newly published study reveals a Vitamin D level that corresponds with ZERO deaths from Covid-19.

What if the pandemic had simply never happened because every immune system was strong enough to just defeat the virus before anyone got sick?

A recent meta-analyses by Borshe et. all reviewing 8 separate studies looking at Vitamin D and Covid-19 outcomes concluded that as blood Vitamin D levels go up, the risk of death from Covid-19 decreases.

You can click on the graph above or click this link to view the study:

If you don't have time to read every word of the study, Dr. John Campbell, PhD has an excellent 10 minute video that summarizes the quality of the data and interprets the findings.

The bottom line is that Vitamin D blood status is a "make or break" for not only preventing viral Respiratory Tract Infections but also improving outcomes from those infections.

When the pandemic began making headlines in early 2020, doctors who had been paying attention to Vitamin D research for the past 20 years predicted that Vitamin D would be a crucial aspect of fighting Covid-19. Now, as the pandemic nears two-years, the evidence proves those predictions right.

Vitamin D has a long track record of helping the body defend itself from viral and bacterial Respiratory Tract Infections(RTI) like SARS, Bird Flu, Influenza and the common cold. Covid-19 is just another viral RTI, so it's logical that Vitamin D would be important here also.

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