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Infertility and Vitamin D deficiency

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Shocking data published in 2022 show a profound correlation between low Vitamin D and fertility problems.

In May of 2022, a meta-analysis was published In the journal Fertility and Sterility that revealed a significant correlation between low Vitamin D and difficulty carrying a pregnancy to full term.

A meta-analysis means that the researchers combined the data from multiple studies that had been previously published. In this case, they reviewed ten published studies that together looked at over 7000 individuals. The results of this analysis highlight the importance of paying attention to Vitamin D levels, not just whether or not an individual "takes Vitamin D" or not. As you read the results keep in mind that a panel of unbiased experts from around the world have agreed that an optimal Vitamin D level could be defined as 40 to 60 ng/ml.

In the meta-analysis mentioned above, they found that women with a Vitamin D level below 20 ng/ml were at a 94% increased risk of miscarriage and that women with a Vitamin D level between 20 - 30 ng/ml were at a 60% increased risk of miscarriage compared to women with a Vitamin D level above 30 ng/ml.

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