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NOW is the time to build up your immune system.

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Literally, this week, late October and early November is possibly the most crucial time to invest in your immune system function. Here's why!

This time of year is "the perfect storm" for colds, flu, sinus congestion, COVID variants, and allergic reactions. Consider some of the factors going on these next several weeks:

  1. Halloween kicks off the increase in sugar consumption that is characteristic of the holidays. What do you think is going to happen when millions of children trick or treat on Sunday night, eat a ton of sugar, and then show up on Monday morning with a sugar hangover and an immune system that is crippled? It's well documented that sugar consumption negatively affects White Blood Cell function. We shouldn't be surprised when kids and adults alike are not feeling well in the days and weeks after Halloween.

  2. Changing of the seasons challenges the immune system. Leaves are falling off trees and starting to decompose. This leads to a change in environmental O2 levels. There is a worldwide correlation between changing O2/ CO2 levels changing and flu season.

  3. The days are getting shorter and colder, people are outside less and getting less Vitamin D from the sun.

  4. Raking and bagging decomposing leaves in your yard exposes you to mold that your lungs might not be used to and provides a temporary challenge to your body.

  5. The holiday season (which includes Halloween) is one of the most stressful couple months of the year. People tend to travel more than usual, spend more than usual, drink more than usual, eat sweets more than usual, and many people face stress with year-end deadlines.

This year is particularly concerning for several reasons that are unique to this moment in history:

  1. COVID and all its variants.

  2. National stress and anxiety are at all-time highs. Every business seems to be short-staffed, good people are facing unreasonable mandates, people are quitting or being forced to quit their jobs by droves, supply chain back-ups are leading to some shortages, etc.

  3. Unfortunately, many people have gotten to this point in the pandemic and have ended up with a body and immune system that is weaker than when 2020 started. Instead of the pandemic inspiring them to take better care of their body, some people have let "pandemic lifestyle" destroy their health. These people are at a disadvantage when a new virus, variant, or bacteria comes along and their body needs to adapt to it.

  4. Travel could be extra stressful right now. Thousands of flights have been canceled recently due to beautiful weather.

At Health to the Rescue we don't believe in living in fear, but we do believe in being proactive and playing offense. While we don't want to operate from a place of fear and worry, we also don't want to be naive to the challenges to staying healhty.

ACTION STEP: One of the simplest, safest and most cost-effective action steps you can take immediately is to supplement your diet with a good, high-quality Vitamin D like Vitamin D to the Rescue.

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