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Should you take the vaccine?

We've been asked our opinion on whether the COVID-19 vaccine is a good idea.

Controversy abounds with the pandemic now stretching on over 18 months and the campaign to vaccinate everyone against COVID-19. "Two Weeks to Flatten the Curve" was over a year ago!

Should you get the shot? Is it effective? Is it safe? Is it dangerous? Has it been tested? Are you endangering others if you do or don't get the vaccination?

We'd like to share our educated opinion on the matter with you here in this article. The human immune system is absolutely amazing. For that matter, the human body is amazing. We believe the body is capable of healing, being healthy, overcoming, and thriving in the most amazing way if it's just given the right circumstances and supported in the right way.

What are some of the ways that you can give the body the support and the right circumstances for thriving?

The answer can be found in pursuing a healthy lifestyle. This may not be an easy task. The term "healthy lifestyle" can be confusing due to its vagueness and the fact that there is so much conflicting information out there.

One way to filter information and decide if it's good for you and your family is to ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. Is it common sense?

  2. Is the science overwhelmingly congruent?

  3. Did it serve our ancestors well? Does history support it?

Let's use everyone's favorite nutrient as an example. Should Vitamin D be part of a healthy lifestyle?

  1. The sun has been providing Vitamin D for our ancestors since the beginning of time. As a species, we spend more time inside than ever before, leading to globally low Vitamin D levels. The need to supplement with a good quality Vitamin D supplement passes the simple common sense test.

  2. There are something like 25,000 scientific articles written about Vitamin D and its relationship with fighting and preventing disease. Panels of well-educated scientists and experts agree that Vitamin D is crucial for health. Science is constantly evolving, but our current understanding is overwhelmingly conclusive that Vitamin D is important for health.

  3. The findings this past year and a half of Vitamin D playing a protective role against COVID-19 are just one of many historical plot points showing that Vitamin D is crucial for health. Both the history of Vitamin D research and the history of the human race support the importance of Vitamin D.

Asking yourself these three questions is a good way to begin evaluating whether something is healthy or not. You can also ask yourself: Is it natural or man-made?

Is it full of chemicals? Does it support the complex nature of your biology or is it interfering with the complex biology of your body?

Whether you're considering a nutrition plan, an exercise plan, a vaccine, or contemplating the role of technology in our daily lives, it's a wise and effective idea to ask yourself the above questions.

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