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The Value of Testing - Part 2

While Vitamin D may be the single most important nutritional supplement you can take, it's also the most misunderstood.

I don't know why there are so many myths and misconceptions about Vitamin D, but there are. Maybe you've asked yourself some of the many questions that revolve around Vitamin D:

"Should I take Vitamin D?"

"How much should I take?"

"What if I take too much?"

"Do I get enough from the sun?"

"Isn't there plenty of Vitamin D in milk?"

Once you realize how important Vitamin D is, you realize that you should be supplementing with a quality supplement, but then more questions come along. The answer lays in testing. When you know your starting blood level of Vitamin D, you can then begin to answer so many questions.

Home testing has become easy, accessible, inexpensive and convenient. You owe it to yourself to check your Vitamin D level.

Do you wonder if your lifestyle of sun exposure, healthy fats and supplements are keeping your blood Vitamin D levels in a healthy range? Check your level and find out!

Do you worry that you're not taking enough or that you're taking too much Vitamin D? Check your level and find the answer!

Do you wonder if your chosen Vitamin D supplement brand is actually raising your blood Vitamin D level? Check your level and find out!

Health to the Rescue is pleased to offer a convenient and inexpensive option for you to check your Vitamin D level from home. The Vitamin D Home Test is easy to use, accurate, and can empower you with the knowledge you need to answer so many questions.

Check out the video below to see Dr. Brandan Lee demonstrate how to use the Vitamin D Home Test.

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