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The Dynamic Duo of D3 and K2.

Most people have never heard of Vitamin K2, let alone understand how important it is.

Over the past couple decades, Vitamin D has been proven a "nutrient hero", and now over the next couple decades, I predict we'll start seeing more and more info about the importance of Vitamin K2.

Together, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 really are a powerful team. Both are fat-soluble vitamins, and together they have a huge role in how the body uses calcium.

It is well known that calcium is an important mineral for bone health, but calcium is also critical for healthy muscle contraction. While it seems that taking calcium supplements would be a good idea, it could actually backfire and hurt your health if you don't have adequate amounts of D3 and K2.

Here's why: Vitamin D3 aids your body's ability to absorb calcium from your gut into your blood. Vitamin K2 supports shuttling the calcium from your blood to your bones.

A deficiency of either of these two will leave you in trouble. Deficiency in D3 will leave you depleted of calcium and with potentially weaker bones. A deficiency of K2 could leave you with weaker bones and at higher risk of heart disease if that calcium ends up forming plaque in your arteries.

Both Vitamin D to the Rescue capsules and liquid contain D3 and K2 to give your body every advantage. Be sure to eat a calcium rich diet and take Vitamin D to the Rescue so that the calcium will be used properly and optimally.

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