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Vitamin D 101: Facts and FAQs

-Online Course-

The knowledge you need to help your family thrive in a world where everyone seems to be sick.

Two videos and an e-booklet.

The dangers of Vitamin D ignorance are too great.

Immune System

Are your kids always sick? Does it break your heart to see them feeling terrible? Do you or your kids seem to "catch" every bug, virus and germ that goes by?

Mental Health

America is experiencing an epidemic of stress, anxiety, and depression.  Did you know Vitamin D is actually a hormone that is integral in brain health and mental health?

Confusion is risky

Vitamin D is the most important vitamin you can take, but also the most misunderstood.  Don't let myths and out of date science hurt your health and your family's health.

You deserve health confidence and peace of mind.

Imagine feeling confident that you and your family are taking the right supplements and amounts.  A lot of the information about Vitamin D (and other supplements) is very confusing and can feel overwhelming.  

One of the silver linings of the pandemic is that everyone seems to know that Vitamin D is essential to great health. However, millions still don't understand an optimal Vitamin D level, how to get it checked, or how to take Vitamin D safely.

This Online Course will give you knowledge that brings confidence, peace of mind, and better health!

Online Course includes:

-Two video modules (one 7-minute video and one 5-minute video)

-A chapter from the book Vitamin D to the Rescue titled "Mechanisms of how Vitamin D defends the body."

-PDF Infographic "5 myths about Vitamin D".

"I'm a nerd about Vitamin D"

My name is Dr. Brandan Lee

My wife and I have been coaching and teaching our patients about nutrition and healthy lifestyles for over 15 years.  We've witnessed the hardships that sickness and poor health cause for families, and we've witnessed the joy of gaining health back. 


This Online course allows us to take the information that patients would pay $75 for in-person consultations and make it available to you for a fraction of the cost in the convenience of your home.

This is the kind of information that has helped my family and thousands of patients not just survive the pandemic but thrive in all aspects of their lives.


Become the smartest person in the room!

Gaining a better understanding of the most important vitamin can only help you and your family thrive in a sick world!


Buy Vitamin D 

Online Course.

Our secure checkout accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.


Resources land in your inbox immediately.

Videos, Book Chapters, and PDF's are all entertaining and easy to understand.


Gain confidence and Peace of Mind about your health and your family's health.

You can feel like your winning with your health and your family's health.

Online Course Preview

Watch Dr. Brandan Lee discuss why it's so important to become well-educated about Vitamin D and why this online course can help!

About Health to the Rescue

While everyone seems to know that Vitamin D is critical for health, many people are confused about how to experience the benefits of an optimal Vitamin D level. 

Many people end up taking a random Vitamin D supplement and "hoping for the best."  Some people have had their Vitamin D tested, but aren't clear if their Vitamin D number is low, average, or optimal. 

At Health to the Rescue, one of our missions is to help our customers gain clarity on this critical nutrient and learn how to benefit from an optimal Vitamin D level.

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